On the run: Photography has a voice

Yesterday, BBC posted an article “On the run: Photography has a voice” by Phil Coomes. In this article he speaks of Espen Rasmussen’s work as a photojournalist and the challenges that he faces as a photographer.

I can only assume that taking such photographs can be really hard emotionally and physically. I can appreciate however, that Espen Rasmussen had the courage to take these photographs and was able to capture the injustice that occurs in the world.

Phil Coomes made an important point when he said “Rasmussen’s tenacity to visit the places where the TV crews have long since moved on from is admirable, but unlike so much photojournalism it is not his voice that comes across through the book, it is those of the silent millions whose lives are represented in these pages”

From the photographs that were displayed in his article this one stood out for me

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By: Espen Rasmussen


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